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rose tattoo rus laich julia roberts pretty woman i fucking hate r n b thank you karen
rose is rose

This girl was awesome. not just because she let me tattoo giant roses on her, which i love to do, but because tattooing her was fun. we bickered nonstop like siblings.... siblings from completely different ethnic backgrounds who are absolutely and completely ignorant of the others heritage. for instance she just assumed i loved linkin park because i'm white, and that's what we listen to. I assumed she loved R 'n B, because she's a girl, and girls love that obnoxious shit.

After you spend several sessions with someone over the course of a couple months, it's kind of weird to think you'll probably never talk to them again. Or at least it's weird for me, because i'm oddly sentimental. They probably don't care as much because hanging out with me costs them money. I'm like julia roberts in pretty women, no kissing clause and all.