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peony tattoo. rus laich. fucking awesome.
trust me...

I'm not sure i've ever had to try harder to convince someone i could pull off their tattoo than I did on this one. We had a 15 minute question and answer session where i had to sell myself, which, if you're wondering, is probably one of my least favorite things in the world to do. Thankfully, I'm neurotic as shit myself, so I totally understand people needing to be completely comfortable with their tattooer. Especially on something somewhat unconventional like this. Hopefully now people can just look at the picture though and say 'hey, i want something like that", rather than forcing me to say "trust me, i can do this, i promise" over and over.

We ended up doing the entire thing in color, but i couldn't get a good photo of it so i'll hold off till we can get a healed one. also, i really wanted to show the cross hatching i did for this. it kinda took forever, but it was fun to do and came out looking pretty rad i think.
This was my first tattoo of 2011, and hopefully a sign of things to come. Sorry for the shitty photoshopping job. Happy new year everyone.